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Our story

Kaygun Metal Products; Kaygun Çelik Metal İnşaat Mobilya San., which has become a brand not only as a manufacturer, but also in the sectors it serves with its engineering, R&D and Consultancy Services. ve Tic. LTD.ŞTİ's brand-registered products offered to the market.

All of Kaygun Metal products continue to be manufactured in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone as domestic production.

Our company was established in 1983 to manufacture and install steel construction works, and has improved its production conditions over time, and has adopted the principle of offering quality products to its customers on time with an affordable price policy.

LMR_20 copy.jpg

Currently, steel construction manufacturing and assembly, turnkey industrial structures, petrol stations, railing products and panel fence manufacturing and construction safety barriers, rebar and industrial pipe assembly equipment are the main products in our product range.

Our company, which takes customer satisfaction as the basic principle, can manufacture in any desired color and size in line with the demands coming from domestic and abroad. As a result of our ongoing R&D studies, we always add new products to our product range and present them to your liking.

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